Amlasanden Fjordcamping is located in Kaupanger (Sogndal municipality) in Amlabukti in the inner part of the Sognefjord.

The campground is located in the heart of Fjord Norway in silent surroundings in the village Amla.

The nearest grocery store is Coop Extra in Kaupanger, approximately 4 km from the campground.

The closest smalltown, Sogndal, is approximately 13 km from Amlasanden. In Sogndal you will find more stores, farmacy, winestore (Vinmonopolet), clothes and sposrtshops, restaurants and doctor.

Amlasanden Fjordcamping is approcimately 320 km from Oslo, 220 km from Bergen and 580 km from Trondheim (420 km when the Sognefjell is open in the the summertime)

The GPS coordinates for Amlasanden Fjordcamping is 61.176911, 7.264084