From Amlasanden Fjordcamping you can walk around the village Amla. The hike starts from the campground on the road behind the service building. Follow the asphalt road approximately 1 km. After 1 km you see a gravel road to the left which takes you across a small bridge. Follow the gravel road through the grass fields until you reach the farm Amble Gård. The hike takes you behind Amble Gård and further on an asphalt road to the dock in Kaupanger. From the dock you walk along the fjord back to the campground.

Amlaholten is the forested mountain you see from Amlasanden Fjordcamping. If you stand by the information board on the campground and look towards the service building you see Amlaholten to the right. From the top you have great view of the Sognefjord. It is possible to take the same way up and down or to make a roundtrip. If you want to go by foot all the way from Amlasanden Fjordcamping you pass the service building and continue the asphalt road approximately 2,5 km until you come to two red cabins on the left side of the road. About 50 metres after the cabins the path starts on the right side of the road. The trail is marked with a sign to Amlaholten and is marked with red points. The other trail starts about 300 metres before the red cabins, also here marked with a sign. The path from here gives a great view to Amla and Kaupanger on the way up or down. The last part to the top is steep.
It is possible to drive your car to both starting points from Amlasanden Fjordcamping.

From the viewpoint Hauståkernakken there is a wonderful view to the Sognefjord and the mountain Bleia. The trip starts from Amlasanden Fjordcamping. You follow the road behind the service building. After approximately 300 metres a gravel road to the left crosses the river and takes you up between the apple orchard and grassfields of Amble Gård. From hereyou follow the road to Timberlid. From Timberlid there is a trail going up to the main road to Sogndal. You cross this road ( be careful with the cars) and continue the trail on the other side of the road. The trail on the other side leads to a forest road where firewood is placed. Just to the left of the firewood a new trail starts. This is the old trail going up to the old summer farm, Hungerhaug. Follow the trail steep uphill in the pine forest. Where the trail again meets the forest road you follow the road to the left. In the next curve you follow the road to the left leading to Hauståkernakken. Here is a sign and from here the trail is marked with red points.

Hungerhaug is an old summerfarm in the forest above Amble Gård. The forest roads from Amble Gård is winding up the forest and stops at Hungerhaug. Hungerhaug is a good starting point for trips in the mountains surrounding Amble Gård.
If you want to reach Hungerhaug by foot you can follow the old trail leading to the summerfarm. You follow the road description to Hauståkernakken the first path. Once you have reached the pine forest where the footpath to the summerfarm starts you can follow this footpath all the way to Hungerhaug. The footpath crosses the forest road several times and is marked with small piles of rocks where it starts. The trip from Amlasanden Fjordcamping to Hungerhaug takes about 1,5 hours.
From Hungerhaug there is a footpath continuing to the muntains Vardahei and Haugmelen.

Tjøndeltjødni is a beautiful lake in the forest. Scenes from the Norwegian movie «Villmark» was played here in 2003.
It is possible to do this trip as a very nice roundtrip. You can either start from Amlasanden Fjordcamping or take your car the first 2,4 km. Walk or drive passed the service building on Amlasanden and follow the asphalt road for about 2 km until you come to two red cabins on the left hand side. The trip starts from the two red cabins.
Follow the forest road passing the cabins. Here starts a marked trail, marked with red points. This trip takes you to Tjøndeltjødni and goes on to the viewpoint where you see the Lusterfjord and back to the car via Svartahol, a small lake in the forest.

Very nice and familyfriendly hike to Kaupangerholten, the forested mountain on the other side of the Amla bay. The trip starts by a forest road that takes of from the road to the airport in Kaupanger.

Storehaugen is the mountain with the TV tower which can be seen from Amlasanden Fjordcamping. The summit is at 1200 meters above sea level and has a fantastic view of the Sognefjord, the mountains and the villages around.
Starting point for the tour is Sogndal Airport, Haukåsen, Storamyri (on the way to Sogndal Airport Haukåsen) or Vesterland Feriepark. From Sogndal Airport the trip goes on gravel road, and you start somewhat higher than in Vesterland Feriepark. The trip from the airport takes about 2 hours.
From Storamyri the trip goes on a trail with a wonderful view to Sogndal.
If you want a slightly longer trip, one can start from Vesterland Feriepark.